Air Filters

imageHere in California that means pollen, and lots of it!! 

Changing your engine air filter and passenger cabin filter will help you and your car breath easier. With less frequent service intervals of all newer vehicles we quite often see these 2 very important filters get over looked or neglected.

imageTake a look at this engine air filter and you will see everything from the yellow California pollen from our beautiful pine trees to dirt, hair, road debris, & engine oil residue. Neglecting this filter change at recommended intervals will severely decrease your car's horsepower & performance.

imageThe other important filter is located inside your vehicle's interior cabin or external under the hood in some car models. The filter element fibers are very thick to reduce everything from polution & pollen to larger objects & dust. This filter element works just like your home air-conditioning filter does, so by changing this filter at regular intervals will help you breathe easier inside of your car as well as reduce alergens and that musty car odor.

imageTaking a closer look at this filter, we can see the excessive ammount of dust & contaminates that almost reach to the core. This filter was removed from a customer's car after a long period of usage and a noticeable reduction of air flow in ther air conditioning system. 

We recommend bringing your car in at least once a year for this type of filter change. At The Repair Shop we will inspect your air filters during our courtesy inspection, and recommend the proper replacement parts & filter change interval for your vehicle year & model.

Service Reminders

service-reminderSign-up today for service interval reminders such as: oil & filter, brakes, tires, and more... These parts are designed to wear & need to be replaced before any major damage occurs. We can help.