Gift Giving Season


Gift-giving season is in full swing, and we’ll help you by giving you some car care ideas! 

Help your friend or family member out by offering to pay for a service or repair of their car. It’s like a gift card, except it will get used and will help them with their daily activities. Perhaps they have some deferred maintenance that needs attention now. No matter what they do and where they go, they need their car to work for them every day.

Bring their vehicle in, and have us set up a maintenance schedule for them. You can then choose to pay for some, or all of their service needs through the year.

How about accessories? Floor mats make any car look better, and protect the carpet for years. Wheels and tires dress up any vehicle, or maybe a light bar or bumpers and a winch for your favorite 4x4 owner. Whatever it is, ask and we’ll get it for you!

We want to thank YOU for your loyal support throughout the past year. It’s customers like you that help us to grow and serve as many people as possible each year. We wish you and your family the best in this holiday season, and every good wish in the new year.

Service Reminders

service-reminderSign-up today for service interval reminders such as: oil & filter, brakes, tires, and more... These parts are designed to wear & need to be replaced before any major damage occurs. We can help.